Corporate Objectives
Companies often send staff on team-building courses, without clear and concise goals and objectives, and without any idea of the expected and measurable outcomes.  A well designed team-building exercise should start long before the staff members hit the ropes, roll the barrels and celebrate their efforts.

Team-building activities should (ideally) be matched to a company's specific team needs and staff profiles, on the one hand, and the types of activities that will achieve the desired objectives, on the other hand.  If need be the services of specialists (such as industrial physiologists) could be used to identify company goals and to give feedback some time after the team-building event to determine whether the goals and objectives were reached, or not.

Great Fun for All
Objectives or no objectives, physiologists or not - a good team-building outing beats the average day at the office - every time!



  Some Team-building Options

Explore, hone and shape the group's true team-leading and team member support behaviour when your specialist guide suddenly looses all sense of direction (for a while....).

Crossing the Crocodile River
How do you get everyone over the raging river without being eaten alive, or washed away by the current. Isn't it amazing how resources can be dwindled away when you're not concentrating? This is one of the best team building ideas that we have sourced and is intended to highlight the concepts of Crisis Management, team spirit and selflessness. The necessity of a flexible plan is an important area of office team building.

Blind Faith
Injured team-mates are being rescued but some difficult obstacles require lots of communication and trust in order to get everybody through. You aren't home and dry yet ! This team building event is venue specific Memory Minefield Getting through the minefield can take longer than expected if we don't learn from our mistakes. Team members will learn and internalize life-lessons and basic principles of the corporate battlefield.

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